Art Work - Buck's Rock Camp Totem Pole

1. totem pole celebrating buck\'s rock camp
Totem Pole celebrating the history of Buck's Rock Camp.
The history of the camp is told from top to bottom.
The front of the Totem lookin towards the Glass Shop.
The back of the Totem Pole looking at it from the Sculpture Shop.
Side of Totem Pole in front of Rick's Peace Mural.
The side of the Totem Pole in front of Glass Shop.
The Tree Logo for the camp is the crown of the Totem.
The figure of Buck holding the tree over his head.
The front of Buck.
Buck's behind.
During ww2 The camp supported young refugees from Europe.
The camp produced tinned food that was flown to europe.
This face represents the founder of the camp Ernst Bulova.
Ernst's wife Ilsa.
The Books represent the camps teaching philosophy.
The choice in educational activites is based on Maria Montessori's teachings.
The founding principals were similar to A.S.Neill's Summerhill School.
The date the camp was founded.
In between the top three sections, Buck's Rock is spelt out.
Thirty six small squares around the trunk represent the shops at camp.
Each Square represents a shop at the camp in 2004.
The squares were designed by campers and staff in the shops.
Some of the squares were carved. Other shops made obejects to attach to the tree.
The half spheres were made by individual campers and staff in 2004. They represent the camp in 2004.
Together the half spheres represent a support for the people sat on the seat.
The seat is for the current generation. The half spheres encourage sitters to be active.
The seat was originally made from scraps of wood glued together in the wood shop.
The seat slats were cut by campers and staff.
The glass shop mad the plate with the gong in the centre.
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